PhilGag is an online platform and social media website.The Site ( is owned by PhilGag Media Solutions and has headquarters at Malvar,Batangas. PhilGag was founded by Engineer R.T. with his spouse Engineer S.L.T on May21.2017 with the intention of creating an image sharing online platform that shares humorous and funny photos and videos that focuses to Filipino users and Philippine settings. Although there were many traditional and highly popular funny-image sharing site (like 9GAG), this website was created on the purpose on focusing the content on Philippines and Pinoy settings with Filipino users. But this does not limit the users from being a Filipino only. Other countries are welcome to post and share comments. The name PhilGag is taken from Philippines + Gag. The founder is an avid fan and user in 9GAG but he observes that when a Filipino post a comment on 9GAG or a funny content, it becomes suddenly out of place, receives few likes mostly because cultures does not match and receives harsh racist comment. Worst is that someone (a non-Pinoy) will comment like "Oh another Pinoy Pride post". Because of that, most FIlipino users became shy and few of them became extinct in socializing and commenting in 9GAG. In response to this, the founders of this website created a website dedicated for Filipino users and on Philippines settings while reducing the racist comment. Although created mostly for Filipinos, everyone is welcome to post regardless of race, gender, and nationality.

Most of the photos and videos seen in this site are not created by PhilGag, they are created by our users or they got it somewhere in other websites like 9gag, youtube, metacafe, vimio and others. We regard copyright information which is posted here including funny pictures and humorous videos. If encase there are files posted here in our site in which you owned and you do not want to share it to anybody, please contact us to remove it.


-the PhilGag founders